Made in Italy, Made Easy with Italian Artisan Platform

Made in Italy as a synonym of fine quality and authenticity

Italian fashion has stayed true to its roots despite the world’s changes. Italy is renowned for its pursuit of excellence, which is why brands from all over the world want their collections to be manufactured in Italy. Made in Italy has confirmed itself as a label granting fine quality, authenticity and a sense of style internationally praised.

Italy continues to be one of the most significant manufacturing hubs for luxury goods, accounting for 40% of global production.

In this ecosystem, Italian Artisan was born: the platform aims to bring the Italian manufacturing tradition into the future of commerce and facilitate the growth of Made in Italy premium business for international brands.

What is Italian Artisan?

Italian Artisan connects two worlds: brands from anywhere in the world that want to create their Made in Italy collection, and Italian manufacturers that need technological support to boost their international trade.

We guide international brands through the entire production cycle, scouting the best Authentic Italian Manufacturers, including their track record of quality and expertise, and breaking the technological and physical distance barriers.

How we support international brands

International brands can create their collection in two different ways:

  • Creating their Private Label collections starting from their custom design and creating products that require the development of new models and structures.
  • Sourcing from White Label catalogs products that brands can customize for which designs and structures are already manufactured.

Project Managers coordinate and mediate the relationship between the brand and the producer, together with local Technical Experts who will guide the brands’ operations onsite.

What makes Italian Artisan different?

Creating a Made in Italy brand normally requires several difficulties but with Italian Artisan’s platform is very simple:

  1. Our producer’s minimum order quantities are low.
  2. All producers are vetted and verified before joining our platform.
  3. Our mission is to build successful and productive connections.

Forget production headaches, outsource your production operations with Italian Artisan!

Creating your Made in Italy collection can be really easy and accessible with the right support. What stops you from creating yours?

Want to know more:

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