Transforming leather waste into a new high-end material: PELINOVA® reinvents recycled leather

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Recyc Leather, founded in 2017 by Aron Yu and Olivier Grammont, is at the forefront of innovation incircular fashion. This visionary company is transforming the leather industry by reusing its waste into a revolutionary material named PELINOVA®.

Pelinova RecycLeather
Credit: Claire Grandnom

PELINOVA® is a new generation material, created through a unique and transparent process. It involves collecting pre-consumer recycled leather fibers and hydro-projecting them onto a fabric made of TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers, a high-quality material within the TENCEL™ brand portfolio.

This process results in a material that is not only supple, flexible, and durable, but also has a significantly lower environmental impact. It uses 70% less water than conventional leather production methods and reduces CO2 emissions by at least 18 times.

The new material will be presented at the fair with a first collection of soft boots in collaboration with GANNI, launching next spring 2024, marking an important step towards reducing the use of virgin leather in fashion collections.

The potential of PELINOVA® extends beyond footwear, with possibilities to expand its application to other leather items, including interior decoration, furniture, car interiors, and the luxury segment.

Pelinova leather
Credit: Claire Grandnom
Pelinova Objects
Credit: Claire Grandnom

As the fashion industry evolves towards more sustainable and responsible practices, collaborations like these set a new benchmark in innovation and eco-design.

The partnership between Lenzing, Recyc Leather, and GANNI is a perfect example of how industry players can come together to create high-end fashion using recycled materials and produced responsibly.

You are welcome to meet the teams at PV Paris!
You’ll find Recyc Leather on Stand 6HUB11 and Lenzing on Stand 6D67.

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