Preview SS25 Leather: Naturalness in color

For the Spring-Summer 2025 season, leathers display bright, luminous colors and transparent finishes with fine, supple skins worked in a range of delicately nuanced powdery pastels.  

The Spring-Summer 2025 season unfolds in a context of profound change, with social upheavals, technological revolutions and ecological transition imposing a new way of living and working. Nature invites us to embrace a regenerative approach and the preservation of ecosystems. 

Leather’s unique properties are at the center of product development. For color, the season’s leathers are immersed in a dye bath rather than being covered in pigment. Finishes enhance the uniqueness and sensorial quality of skins so that full and vibrant colors pulse with life. 

The season’s textured skins are strikingly modern. Breaking with the classic leather palette, the color range moves between pastels and bright, summery tones. Handles are soft and light, thanks to refined bases that are suited to both accessories and ready-to-wear. Transparent coloring effects bring to life golden yellows and turquoises, and subtle finishes give skins a cloudy, bleached, pull-up appearance. Patinas sport soft sheens, and matte nubucks powdery, talcum-like handles. Leather grains show their character, from small, fancy shagreen-style grains to crisp grains evoking elephant skin. Stylized grains are also reinterpreted as decor for a new fantasy mood. 

What’s more, the season’s colorations and finishes benefit from being part of a more responsible approach, one that favors developments with a reduced chemical impact and a more virtuous life cycle (as in, for example, the providing of recyclable offcuts). 

For leathers with vibrant, long-lasting colors that will age beautifully

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