GRAVITY SS ‘21 – Inside Calik Denim’s new collection

SS21 is the season of blue magnetism, a season CALIK DENIM is meeting with new stories and future trends with a series of outstanding concepts.

The textile industry is undergoing a fundamental shift in the face of changing consumer behaviours, technology and digitalization, climate change, resource scarcity, and demographic change. To counter these challenges and preserve its leading position in the denim industry, Calik Denim integrates sustainability into its business model through its “Passion for Denim, Passion for Life” sustainability strategy. Moreover the brand continues to focus on the latest innovations combined with responsible fashion

D-Clear technology

D-Clear technology, which Calik Denim launched in its previous collection and which is further consolidated this season, continues to attract industry-wide attention. Again reminds us of its groundbreaking features in terms of responsible fashion. Compared to traditional denim, it uses 40% less water in indigo dyeing and 83% less during the finishing process, thus reducing water consumption by over five litres per metre of fabric produced. It also reduces the volume of chemicals used per meter by 94%.

Denethic concept

Calik Denim is investing in sustainability not only for its own production processes, but also to make its customers’ lives easier by helping them reduce their consumption of resources. With this in mind, the company proudly launches its Denethic concept, using its innovative, one-of-a-kind techniques to create fabrics with washed effects achieved without washing jeans after sewing. Denethic offers rinse washed look, rinse+enzyme washed look and bleached look fabrics. Thus, as the fabrics are produced at the mill with the washing effects, Calik’s customers who want clean-look garments can use these textiles in the cut-and-sew stage. And those looking for denim garments with heavy wash effects for an authentic/vintage denim look can get these effects through laundering that consumes less water, less chemicals, less energy and less time compared to regular denim fabrics. The concept includes vintage look and crosshatch fabrics, in both mid- and light-wash looks.

Pioneering new trends

Along with the responsible-fashion perception of Calik Denim, the company is taking firm steps towards becoming the pioneer of new trends to meet consumer needs…

The striking new fits that the company has recently come across, which are sure to grow more prevalent in coming years, require fabrics that work with them, for the best look overall… Referencing this demand, Calik Denim proudly launches its new High Retro line for the SS ’21 season. It combines the authentic denim of the 80’s with a cleaner look, bringing it in line with today’s fashion. What makes this line different is that this fabric family replaces an authentic salt & pepper denim look with a cleaner appearance that goes perfectly with these striking fits, including curved-out seams and so forth. Then High Retro will be a ground-breaking concept in the industry, for anyone looking to render these striking fits more elegant.


was first launched in the company’s SS ’18 Collection and is one of the standout concepts in the new collection. Fabrics have an authentic look with distinctive twill lines combined with the advantages of today’s technologies, and have been upgraded to create a 3D effect every time they’re washed.  What makes the new products stand apart from any other D’enovated fabrics is that they are smooth, bright and have no itchy or fuzzy feel. The line also includes super-stretch fabrics that provide an authentic look. Comfort and style come together as one.


which was launched in the SS ’20 season, amazed people with its unique feature: one single size jean can perfectly fit a wide range of different sized wearers due to its ultra-high elasticity and cotton for maximum comfort and softness. Thus, Calik Denim minimises the risk of buying the wrong size jean – especially important for online shopping. In this new collection, the Selfsized collection includes articles with a feminine and premium look with a soft handle and feel, authentic denim-look fabrics with salt & pepper effects, and vintage washes. Selfsized is also a really good option for men with its masculine look, thanks to its slubby surface. All Selfsized denim has also been developed with Calik Denim’s T-Power technology to eliminate elastane yarn slippage and also offers good wash effects. These jeans really are for everyone – you don’t need to worry about size anymore! Selfsized Boost will further garner importance in the industry with its own unique features: in addition to all the features offered by the Selfsized concept, Selfsized Boost reduces the size range, gives the wearer a more sculpted appearance and makes people look fitter thanks to its body shaping technology that never compromises comfort.

The SS ’21 collection will hit a number of trends in fashion’s future.

Come discover Calik Denim this 3rd and 4th December at the Denim Première Vision Show in London.

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