Fashion Guest : Laure Nicolaï

Laure Nicolaï is a creative forecasting consultant.

For the past ten years she has been guiding creatives in the fashion, decoration and music industries with a combination of forward-looking initiatives, trend consulting and artistic direction.

She is also a member of Première Vision’s French Color Meetings.

The driving issue of recent seasons has undoubtedly been the search for sustainable and ethical alternatives in our activity sectors. This season seems more eco-minded and committed than ever. It combines two strong ideas that are essential to envisioning a common, caring future: sustainability and optimism!

And it’s delightful to discover that the fantasy found in the season’s decorations is matched only by the inventiveness of the new alternatives proposed: Seacell with antibacterial properties, neoplastics derived from olives or corn, biodegradable materials and more.
Fantasy is sometimes sparing, sometimes seductive, sporty or astonishingly unreal… and I would like to focus here on eco-friendly products that entice us, captivate us, dazzle us and really shake us up.

Here, an overview of an eco-wow selection – a reasoned approach to fantasy that’s as much about making people dream as it is about ensuring sustainability.


A dive into the urban metaverse, where substainaBolds mix Commuter influences with a digital and fantastical aesthetic.
We enjoy teasing the eye with optical stripe effects, almost like a blue light, with laser prints with surreal decorations, on ultra-fluid and sensual handles. A confident maximalism right down to the accessories, which go in for gigantic chains in colorful biopolymers.

Choices that align with a Modern Meta e-world trend.


Pearly gleams and precious sensory qualities on natural fiber bases and softly grained leathers. These luminous natural/synthetic formulas experiment with diverse alloys and recycling.

In a range of warm, laboratory-like shines featuring an interplay of ultra-sensory textures, products reflect an urge for a wondrous Eco Lab aesthetic, the perfect symbiosis of a benevolent and augmented nature.


Organic delicacy and grandiose vegetation inspire the new Sexy-Greens. Decidedly enticing, they bet on their fascinating naturalness to play on opulent fantasies, mysterious transparencies and forthright shines.
Inspired by a floral-chemical universe, a sophisticated organic cotton on delicate lace and the transformation of a pineapple fiber into a sturdy and precious textile can only be admired.

An Art Deco 2.0 made from the inspiring wonders of an ever-so-precious natural world.


Spotlight on the Poptimists! A leap into the comforting world of gentle nostalgia. Textiles, accessories and leathers play with childhood references like one of Proust’s tasty and reassuring Madeleines.
Splashy paint-looks on joyfully recomposed leathers and multi-component/mini impact/maxi effect neo-tweeds. We let the memories of yesteryear give a boost to a reassuringly maximalist aesthetic, part fun overcycling, part playful vintage.

Neostalgy conveys an anti-blues trend that redefines the cross-generational direction, and favors a gorgeously delightful jumble.

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