Fashion Guest : Andrea Grossi

A graduate of the Polimoda school, Andrea Grossi is an independent designer who is currently working on the creation of his own label in Italy. In October 2020, he was one of the finalists at the 35th edition of the Hyères Festival, where he presented his second collection.


“As a child, I enjoyed creating bodies, faces, characters with whom I could spend my days, whether they were stars in cartoons or in video games. I am also inspired by the aesthetic of certain painters such as Kent Monkman, the designer Bangers’s and various musicians.

That is where I got the idea to design tattoos on clothing, inspired by the technique of the Toile de Jouy, which I consider to be an integral part of my Andrea Grossi project identity.


Creating printed total looks, dressing the person from head to toe. This is very difficult process that requires different types of expertise, and that is why I like to work with a number of designers and artists, to pool our know-how and our creativity around a shared project.


“Denim is one of the fabrics that allows the greatest variety in compositions and usage, ranging from jeans to outerwear. Denim can be recycled or renewed and can tell the story of a garment. It is steeped in the experience of those who have worn it, it combines past, present and future. This concept is the basis of everything I design.


I also work with leather as well, the concept of hides forming the basis of my second collection.

After studying in Tuscany, at the Casa della Pelletteria, I decided to combine the knowledge acquired by my leather training with some of the most innovative alternative fibres in the world. I discovered many of these fibres from the wide range of proposals in the Smart Creation programme of the Première Vision show. I try to create the most sustainable products possible.

I work with various types of vegetable-tanned leathers, such as rhubarb leather, cactus leather and leather tanned using olive oil. I use these fibres because they offer a softness that permits the use of certain types of treatment, which are often complicated to obtain with vegetable-tanned leathers, as they are often more rigid than chrome-tanned leathers. With these innovative leathers, I have been able to apply certain processes such as corrosion and laser cut-out, embossing and digital printing.


“Each fabric generates emotions from its lived experience. I always know what fabric I’m looking for and how I want it. I am aware that the fabric is the key to identifying the DNA and the attitude of a collection.

For each project, there are different ideas and starting points. For me, the greatest inspiration for the project of my Welcome to DeusLand* collection was the trilogy of books by Yuval Noah Arari which, through an analysis of the history of mankind, predict what the future will hold. His great effort of analysis and narration remains a guide for approaching the creative process.

This process includes upcycling, which is the basis of my future projects and the very reason why I want to create my eponymous label, with the idea of transmitting the eco-responsible values that form part of my daily life and make me want to create and continue to express myself.

There are thousands of “dead” garments, with no retail value, sold by the kilogram that can be transformed and given new value.

At the moment, as I am still a small brand, I am able to ensure 100% traceability. I produce my clothing in Florence, Tuscany, and work with just one company. The source of the raw material is the main question that we must ask ourself when talking about high quality items.”

See Andrea Grossi is our video series “E-motion IN-motion” as part of Digital Denim Week, alongside three other European designers.

*Welcome to DeusLand is Andrea Grossi’s second collection, presented during the 35th edition of the Hyères Festival. 

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