Factor-Hit – Economical sustainability: let’s make it possible

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For years the word sustainability has not been a sci-fi anymore. On the other side, it is on everyone’s lips. But there is still one step to take: to make it a concrete and accessible reality to everybody.

As developers of a passion in the sewing world for years, and currently on the market of industrial sewing machines as SIP Italy, we are here to introduce you our consolidated project FACTOR-HIT which makes you realize your own supply chain for garments in an economical sustainable way.

Thanks to our technical team experience and know-how and the development of a simple and intuitive avant-garde specific tool, we will work together to create your custom-made factory.

Millions of companies have been and still are the main actors in this world in which sustainability guides the trends. They support it, improving themselves and their processes aimed at providing more and more sustainable products and services.

But this is not our real focus, actually. Our spotlight is on the whole process hidden behind it. The BACK STAGE. The part of the show which allows companies to obtain sustainable products without losing quality.

The definition of quality is very personal, but it can be summarized in the necessity of having a km 0 product, made by a social inclusive company, through a traceable production process, sold with a low price.

Reasoned layouts of the structures, made-to-measure models for every need, circular and self-sufficient production, reduction of consumption, production efficiency, possibility to follow the last trend with a faster productivity, with a low impact on the land, social inclusion, and education of workers, and the enhance of the brand value.

Our crucial guideline is the will of meeting the needs and requests of the nowadays consumers. And that is why we provide you a complete services package to create concretely your new industrial model.

How to afford sustainability nowadays? FACTOR-HIT is the answer.

It is not an unreachable concept, it is reality.


The process is the goal.

Contact us on our website and check out our page on the Première Vision marketplace.

Register now to attend Denim Première Vision show in Berlin on May 17 & 18 to meet with the Factor-Hit team Stand B17.

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