Elleti Group: a story of tradition and innovation

Come discover our new exhibitors the Elleti Group this 3rd and 4th December at the Denim Première Vision Show in London.

Born in the ’80s near Verona, Italy, in the region where the most iconic denim brands operate and produce, Elleti Group is an embodiment of excellence in today’s denim industry. With 11 production plants located in Italy, Tunisia and Romania, a total of 3,000 employees and an average production of 14 million finished garments per year. For them, Elleti Group is one of the major denim producers in Europe and  the Mediterranean region, and a reference point for all denim lovers.

In 2016, some 35 years after its founding, the group acquired Martelli Lavorazioni Tessili (1965), the prestigious laundry and finisher.

Focus on the Laundry processes

Elleti is one of the most passionate denim producers in Europe, developing and researching revolutionary products for most of the leading fashion brands.

Through their focus on laundry processes, they give brands and garment-makers worldwide the tools and expertise to create the most competitive products for all markets.

With multiple production facilities in Italy, Tunisia and Romania, Elleti offers services ranging from targeted R&D, denim laundry and vertical production for jeanswear and apparel.

Vision: really indigo, really green

Elleti doesn’t consider denim as a mere fabric, or only as a garment. For them, denim is a way to communicate, a window onto their identity and personality. That’s why their development team is always working on new treatments that might improve the aesthetic vocabulary of brands and consumers, while developing new technologies to make their treatments more sustainable than ever.

Discover a Special exhibition: M.O.D.E – Museum of Denim Elleti X DENIM PV>

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