The show’s hosts and hostesses are sporting linen this season!

The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (CELC), a Première Vision partner, has invited designer Eric Bergère to create the host and hostess outfits for the next two physical editions of the shows, in September 21 and February 22.

«Linen spirit, linen color, linen material, linen look. No buttons, no zippers, no lining… Linen, nothing but linen.» Such was Eric Bergère’s response to the invitation from CELC, the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp, to design the outfits for the hosts and hostesses of the PREMIERE VISION show.

Bergère has always worked with linen, a natural plant material, in an intuitive way for his Dou Bochi brand, which is at once rustic, elegant, raw and sophisticated.

This latest collaboration gave birth to a unisex blouse-trench with a clean, no-frills design, reminiscent of workshop blouses. The material was spun by Linificio & Canapificio Nazionale (Italy), woven and manufactured by Klasikine Tekstile (Lithuania) – both of whom are show exhibitors – in a heavy 370g 100% linen certified European Flax® fabric, with a perfect fall and drape.

Bergère defines his design as being: “For The Première Visions of a natural textile world, mindful of protecting our environment, respecting life and safeguarding our style – eternally chic”.

The CELC is delighted with this partnership because it means putting sustainability at the heart of the creative process, and moving towards ever more innovative products respectful of the planet and people.

Linen is a local fiber. Western Europe is the world’s leading producer of linen fiber: France, Belgium and the Netherlands account for 80% of production.

Flax is a plant that requires only rainwater (99.9%) and is cultivated without GMOs while respecting know-hows and jobs that cannot be delocalized. A plant that respects the soil.

A zero-waste plant whose components are recovered and totally biodegradable. Flax fiber is definitely the fiber of tomorrow, at the heart of an expanding awareness of eco-responsible fashion.

The CELC is the only European agro-industrial organization to bring together and federate all the production and transformation stages of flax and hemp – 10,000 companies in 14 European countries – thus driving a sector of excellence in a globalized context. A mission founded on the innovative and environmental qualities of its fibers, guaranteed by the EUROPEAN FLAX® and MASTERS OF LINEN® traceability labels, and promoted to professionals and consumers through the I LOVE LINEN campaign.

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