Casati Flock aims to a circular economy for the textile industry

Casati Flock, established in 1952 in Italy, is today among the European leader in the production of flock and will take part to the Denim Première Vision in November 2022.

In addition to recycling natural, artificial and synthetic fibers, the company aims to collect denim scraps and subproduct from the producers and transform them, through its own grinding process, to flock, a textile colorful powder which is destined to the realization of new product.

The mission is to promote a circular economy and sustainability for the textile ecosystem.

This will allow brands to use the scraps from their own production line to create new products, which will be unique since they come from peculiar process of recycling and reuse.

For this event, Casati Flock has created, in collaboration with partner companies, a series of products aimed at the textile sector itself: from the hangers, to the packaging and also designed new textures.

The flagship product, which is not only the most innovative but also the protagonist of this year Première Vision Denim edition is the innovative paper designed and created in partnership with myCordenons, an Italian company with an international presence in the production of design paper.

Thanks to a mechanical grinding process we recycled demin into flock which has been used for the creation of a sheet of paper, unique for its consistency and design. This paper is designed for a large range of uses such as hang tags, shoppers and paper catalogue.

Denim paper

We are very proud to participate in this exhibition since textile has always been part of our core business. With denim we have taken a further step. We want to put our skills and our long experience at the disposal of the fashion industry to contribute to the recovery of waste from their raw materials to create a denim flock for upcycling solutions. The tags in collaboration with myCordenons are in fact the demonstration of how it is possible to give a second life to what should initially be eliminated in a perspective of increasingly stronger sustainability.”

Beatrice Casati, CEO of Casati Flock

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Marketplace Première Vision / Booth A40 during the next Denim PV show in Milan


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