Behind the scenes of the DENIM PV campaign oct 2021

An illuminating work

This project is the creative work of Alessandro Lo Faro for the Denim PV image campaign of October 2021. The photographer’s work has been designed to show an alchemy and interaction between the two protagonists.

About the photographer

Alessandro Lo Faro was born and raised in Rome, city of chaos and harmony, both divided and tied by a fine line that he uses as a track for his artistic expression. Being a lover of history of art, cinema and all types of art form, his hometown gave both stimulus and brake to his creative path, which found an outlet only after moving to Milan, where he deepened the study of photography.
The aesthetic displayed in his works is the result but also the remedy to his internal and eternal conflict between order and disorder.

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About the picture

This image is part of a story about the beauty of diversity and this one in particular stands out from the series because the interaction between the two girls was really genuine. Akual, the girl in the back, looks like an angel who’s securely protecting and comforting Taylor, who peacefully falls into her arms. In this part of the shooting all the models were wearing different interpretations of denim clothing and we loved the contrast between the colors of these two outfits and their skin tones and hair colors. 

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#1 13 & 14 October at Superstudio Piú in Milan

#2 And from 11 to 15 October at

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