Autumn-Winter 22-23 : Sport

AW 22-23 Sport and Tech fabrics clearly point to a season to work with a complementary flair.
On one side, calm and elegant visuals are enhanced by hidden qualities and cutting-edge functions. Handles have strong personalities, triggering the senses. Strong and protective synthetics, cozy wools and comfortable knits suggest sheltering garments, where fabrics act as a bulwark or a cocoon of well-being. Eco-design is incorporated in proposals. Compositions are diversified to better respond to specific uses, and tend towards increased circularity. The entire production chain is increasingly taken into account, going beyond simple, overly generic indications.

On the other side, fantasy plays a starring role with high-impact graphics, exaggerated raised effects and bold shines. Sport embodies a flashier, deliberately joyful register, for enticingly singular clothing just oozing good humor. Know-hows are crossed and combined, even dipping into the world of couture silkies, to update and add a fashionable touch to the sporty offer – turning fashion into an everyday outdoor adventure!

Hidden qualities

Starring fantasy

Discover all the AW22-23 season’s highlights soon at our Digital Show!

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