Turkish Textile Industry on the trail of green transformation

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Acting with the awareness of protecting environment and passing it on to the next generations, Turkish textile industry has focused on the matter of green transformation. The primary purpose of the Turkish Textile Industry setting off under the leadership of the Turkish Exporters Assembly with the slogan “We produce for the world without consuming it” is to take the understanding of sustainability- and cyclicality-oriented production as basis in the industry and leave a more livable world for the next generations.

Reaching all-time highest export records in every month of 2021, Turkish textile industry aims to enhance international stakeholder cooperation with its firm steps on sustainability. Within this scope, Turkish Textile Industry has announced its Sustainability Action Plan within the frame of its sustainability vision. The Action Plan announced by the Textile and Raw Materials Exporters’ Associations under the leadership of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) includes articles on firm steps to be taken on certain matters such as zero waste management especially including recycling of waste water, energy efficiency, organic cotton production, recycling, circular economy, and corporate social responsibility. With the Sustainability Action Plan of the Textile Industry announced in July 2021, the aim of the sector is to take an understanding of production prioritizing nature and environment with all industry stakeholders as basis.

Ahmet ÖKSÜZ, the President of Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association (ITHIB) addressed the matter and said; “95% of textile materials can be recycled. Energy consumption of the textile industry can be reduced up to 60%. Our Turkish fabric companies consuming water in approximately half of the world average and we have very successful Turkish textile companies that make 60% of their production with sustainable resources, adopt zero waste principle and aim to use sustainable resources at 100% and internalize green convention. Therefore, the phenomenon of sustainability is not a risk for the Turkish textile industry, but a transformation process and an opportunity. We are reducing water much more and getting into a great transformation process in zero waste, circular economy and corporate social responsibility. The leading actor of the European Green Convention will be the Turkish textile industry with its experience in the field of sustainability.”

Preserving its leading position in the industry with its integrated production power, high design capability and logistic advantages, the Turkish Textile Industry takes the leader role once again and continues taking firm steps with its Sustainability Action Plan. Fatih BİLİCİ, the Vice President of ITHIB addressed the matter and said; “We are the second largest supplier of the European Union as the Turkish textile industry. We have been adapting ourselves excellently to the EU norms for many years. By this means, we increase our share in the EU in every passing year and give importance in cooperation with our international stakeholders. With the Sustainability Action Plan of the Textile Industry, the Turkish textile industry will adapt to the objectives of the European Green Convention and continue playing the leader role in change and transformation.”

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