An Eco-responsible AW 22-23 denim season

Denim Première Vision exhibitors are in the fore of the textile industry in terms of sustainable production and eco-friendly creations, from product fibers to finishings.

The new Autumn Winter 22-23 season once again features sustainable eco-friendly products that go all out when it comes to creativity and visual surprise.

Caring fantasy

This season, sustainability rhymes with fantasy. Delicate and harmonious fancies draw on aniline-free washes to lighten plain wovens and generate calm gradations. Tonal variations and blurred effects between deep indigos and whitened blues, obtained through ozone treatments, update non-harmful bleach effects. Bio-enzymes are also preferred, in an effort to save water and energy.

Decorations are inspired by icebergs and ice; while surfaces reveal frozen lakes, skate marks and tracks, and delicately effaced fixed and frozen flowers. Decorations are elaborated thanks to laser printing, which preserves the strength of the base fabrics.

Fantasy is also expressed through color, with dyeings and overdyeings. Sustainable and traceable dyes are obtained using renewable energies. These bio-synthetic dyes are made from organic waste and leaves harvested twice yearly to generate the dyes.

Overdyes are dark and let the indigo show through. To fabricate these dyes, manufacturers are turning to natural and local resources, such as plant waste or bio-designed dyes. In terms of black dyes, nitrogen is also being harnessed as a responsible solution.

Virtuous compositions

Fibers are on the front lines in terms of minimizing product impact, and for several seasons now, manufacturers have been favoring organic or recycled solutions. Most of the cottons used are of this nature, as are the polyesters. Compositions are going more and more eco-friendly with blends of organic cotton and recycled polyester. Accessories are designed with the same approach: labels are made from recycled synthetics and leathers have eco-friendly, chemical-free finishes.

The new winter season welcomes natural fibers, and linen and especially hemp are popular for their intrinsic properties: waterless during fiber cultivation, but also heat-regulating and antibacterial.

The return of stretch is worth noting, in eco-friendly versions of course. Recycled elastanes are blended with viscose and lyocell in compositions for flexible and comfortable products.

For a complete picture of this season’s eco-friendly denim initiatives, continue your reading with our articles dedicated to sustainable dyes and low-impact finishes.

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Discover the Première Vision fashion team’s various selections for the Autumn-Winter 22-23 season:

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