My Visitor Account

  • What is a visitor account and what is it for?

    A visitor account allows you to:

    • Log in to our digital platform in order to access all the content available for all the shows and/or digital events created by Première Vision.
    • Manage your personal and professional information and user preferences so that we can provide a personalised, quality service.
    • Order your pass (and/or other available products) during shows organised by Première Vision (Première Paris, Made in France Première Vision, Denim Première Vision…) or register for the various digital events organised throughout the year.

    It also allows you to find the pass(es) ordered at any time before the event.

    Note: if you require an invoice for any previous editions, please send an email to:, giving the name of the person, the date of purchase and, if possible, the amount of the invoice.

  • How do I know if I already have a visitor account?

    A visitor account is created when a person:

    -creates a profile on the site (or the marketplace), has registered and/or has visited one of our shows.

  • How do I access/manage my online account?

    There is a new, quick and easy way of accessing your visitor account in three steps:

    – Enter a log in name (email address used to create the profile, register, etc.).
    A validation code is sent to the email address provided.

    Profile information to be provided / completed / modified then confirmed.

    This is how you will log in at each new connection.

    For the very first connection (whether you are new or had previously visited our shows/sites) is as follows:

    – Enter email address (make sure the choice of language is correct at this stage, as it can’t be changed later)

    – Enter code sent by email to confirm the address provided

    – Complete profile information:

    – Mobile phone number (optional)

    – Status (choose from: Business, Individual, Student, Press…)

    – Accept the General Terms and Conditions of Use:

    You are currently identified / connected and have access to all the site content.

    During future connections:

    – You will be asked to enter a new security code, sent by email or text message (according to preferences) to secure the request to log in.

    NB: You can also log in using your LinkedIn, Google or Facebook accounts.

  • I do not know my password, I have lost or forgotten it?

    You no longer need to remember a password! From now on, you will use a security code sent to you by email (or by telephone, if so indicated) at each connection (see the section above).

    Link to the identification page on the site:

  • I have logged in and want to edit information such as my last name, first name or e-mail address. How do I do it?
    • Your last name and first name can be directly modified in the profile from which you have connected.
    • The email address can also be altered from your account in the “My personal information / My connection information” section. After the new address has been entered, a verification code for that address will be generated.
    • Other fields, such as the company name, can also be modified.
  • During the identification process, what status should I enter?

    When you create your account, you have to select your “status”. Here is a definition of the various profiles:

    Professional: any director or employee of an identifiable and identified company, registered with the Commercial Register in their country.

    Individual: any person working in the fashion industry who has not yet created their company, or whose company is being created and has not yet been registered.
    Note: by selecting this option, you will not have a company name, will not be able to fill in your VAT or company registration number and will not have access to the SOURCING menu.

    Student: Student at a stylism/fashion school, with access to Première Vision Paris through their teacher and via a group registration (see the COLLEGE page here –

    Press: Journalist, writer, photographer, blogger, press officer, etc. For more details on this category click here:

    When you select “Professional” status, you will have to provide information on your business:

    • Its name (from the reference list of companies or manually entered)
    • Its postal address (drop-down list of addresses or manually entered)
    • Information about the company’s registration with the local Commercial Registry.

    This information is essential in order to be able to place orders via the website.

    When you select “Individual” you will only have to enter your postal address (using the list of existing addresses or by manually entering it).

  • I have a première vision account; can i place an order? my account has not been validated. what should I do?

    To place an order on the Marketplace (SOURCING menu) your account must be validated. Première Vision can validate your account providing you enter the following information:

    – A company name

    – A SIRET or company registration number and / or a VAT number for EU companies

    Without these two pieces of information, the account cannot be validated.

  • How do I sign out?

    To sign out, go to the SOURCING section in the main menu then select your first name on the right. The “sign out” button is on the right under the NAME.