Prepare your visit

Première Vision has an international network of 11 dedicated offices. Feel free to contact the one in your area for any questions or help. Find the full list of offices here.

  • What are the entry fees?

    There is a single pre-show online rate is 42 € (incl. VAT), available until the eve of the show, here. Once the show has opened, the ticket price is 60 € (incl. VAT), both in the online e-shop and at the entrance to the show.


  • How can I organise my trip?

    Complete information to help you organise your trip can be found.

  • How can I organise my visit?

    All the tools to help you organise your visit to the Première Vision Paris show are available here.

  • Are discounts available for international travel?
    • Train travel: Yes, “convention rate” discounts are available on French rail lines (French pricing). They entitle you to a 20% discount on:

       –  a full fare TGV ticket (1st or 2nd class)

        – a full fare (excluding reservations or supplements) on other trains.

    Convention-rate tickets can be used only at train stations or authorized travel agencies. Please contact the Visitors Service to request discount vouchers, which will be sent by post, by contacting:


    • Air travel: Enjoy preferential rates with Air France and KLM Global Meetings Find all available reductions here

    Traveling by public transportation (local or regional trains)? No reductions available
    Find here the public transport interactive map and plan your itinerary online.

    We strongly advise you to buy your round trip at your departure station to avoid queuing at the exit of the show.

  • I am looking for accommodations in Paris or near the Parc d’Expositions Paris-Nord Villepinte. Are there any special rates available?

    In the “Practical information” section here, take advantage of a service and dedicated team organised in connection with our partners:

    • Revolugo to book a hotel
    • Magic Event to book an apartment or studio.
  • Are there cloakrooms at the show to drop off coats and luggage?

    Yes. They are located at the entrances to Halls 2, 3, 4, 5 South, 5 North, in the Hall 6 gallery (only in the gallery, there is no longer a cloakroom on the mezzanine floor of Hall 6) and at the taxi terminal level. The fee for the cloakrooms – €4 including VAT – is the same whether you are depositing a garment, an accessory/small bag or a suitcase.

    Fees must be paid in cash.

    *GOLD PREMIUM and PLATINUM visitors enjoy a free cloakroom in the PRIORITY ACCESS located at the entrance of hall 3 and at the top of hall 6.

    The cloakrooms are open from 9 am to 7.30 pm on the 1st and 2nd day of the show, and until 6 pm on the last day.

    From 7.30 pm to 10 pm on the 1st and 2nd day of the show, and from 6 pm to 7.30 pm on the last day (except for the cloakrooms at the taxi terminal level and in 5 North), items must be collected from the cloakroom located in Hall 5 South.

    As part of the VIGIPIRATE safety program, luggage must be deposited in the cloakrooms. No luggage is permitted in the halls.

  • I need an invitation letter to obtain a visa. What should I do?

    Letters of invitation will only be sent to persons who have purchased their Pass. Once you have purchased your pass, fill out online visa request form and return it to with the required document.

    Please note: Incomplete applications will not be processed.

    You can check here, if you need a visa for France.

    Mandatory documents for your visa request to be sent to

    -Your e-pass

    -The duly filled in visa request form

    -Your business registration proof (document attesting to the registration of your company with a government body) to be sent to

  • I am an agent. Are there special access conditions?

    Agents receive their badges by email before the show, upon registration. Should this not be the case, they should go to the nearest Agents Welcome Desk at the show entrance to pick them up.

    For any more specific questions, contact directly

  • I am a student. What are the entry conditions for students ?

    Admission requirements page

    Please note: conditions must be strictly observed.

  • I am looking for an exhibitor. Where can I find information?

    Consult our online e-catalog which lists all the exhibitors at Première Vision Paris, E-catalog available here.
    This tool will also allow you to know about exhibitors volume order criteria.

  • How can I know which exhibitors accept orders with small volumes ?

    Consult our online e-catalog, go to a particular show, then choose the criteria “capsule collections – small quantities”.