Management of my online visitor account

  • How do I know if I already have a visitor account?

    A visitor account is created when someone:

    • creates a visitor profile on the website to subscribe to the newsletter, for example, filling in the information concerning identity, company and providing his own email address (one email address can be used for one person only) as well as his password.
    • has registered for and/or visited one of our shows.

    You can access your visitor account with:

    • A username (the email address used to create your profile, register, etc.)
    • A password.


  • What is the purpose of a visitor account?

    A visitor account enables you to buy a Pass online, register for seminars and purchase the Colour Ranges produced by Première Vision for the Première Vision Paris show.

    It also gives access to your user preferences and to the personal and professional information provided for previous registrations, enabling us to deliver you a higher quality and more personalised service.

    And finally, it gives you access to any passes ordered and to your invoices.

  • How do I access/manage my online account?

    Simply login with your username (email address) and password on the e-shop and go to the “My Account” tab.

    We strongly encourage you to login via the direct access link to your account found in each  of the newsletters sent out by Première Vision. If you do not, or no longer, receive our newsletters, contact the visitors service by email:, or contact the Première Vision office of your country / geographical area directly here.

  • My login details aren’t working. What should I do?

    You will need to use the password reset tool by clicking here. By entering your e-mail address you will be able to confirm that it is the one we have in our database and you will receive a link to reset your password.

    If you are unable to recover your username and password, please contact the visitors’ service by e-mail at, or get in touch with the Première Vision office of your country/geographical area here.

  • Where can I find my login details?

    Your login details are:

    • The e-mail address you used when you registered on the Première Vision website
    • A password either automatically generated, or created/modified by yourself
  • I don’t know my password. What should I do?

    You will have to reset it here. A link to reset your password will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

    Please note: the link you receive will only be valid for 24 hours

  • I still cannot log in. What can I do?

    If you are still experiencing difficulties, before trying to create a new account we strongly recommend you contact your local Première Vision office here.

    If your e-mail address is not recognised, create your account by filling in the form.

    If an error message appears during the process, please contact the Première Vision office for your country/geographical area here

    • I have logged in and I want to edit my last name, first name or e-mail address but I cannot seem to do so.

    That’s right, you cannot edit this information yourself. You can request a modification via the link in your account:

    • My information
      -“To edit your first name, last name or e-mail address, click here” (in a black text box).