Photo/Film Accreditation

Photo/Film Accreditation Procedures

To protect the exhibitors’ designs and Première Vision’s intellectual property rights and information content, the methods which can be used for capturing images and recording sounds at its shows (Première Vision Yarns, Première Vision Fabrics, Première Vision Leather, Première Vision Designs, Première Vision Accessories, and Première Vision Manufacturing) are now put forth in a file with the terms and conditions of accreditation, as well as the necessary forms for photographers and exhibitors.

Thus, should you wish to receive one or more photography or film accreditations, and to make it easier for you to organize your visit or that of the person(s) – journalists, photographers, cameramen – you would like to have accredited, please first formulate your request by email:

Once this request has been validated by our press office, we will send the above-mentioned documents by email: General Terms of Accreditation and the form for photographers (Download here)

You must return to us these documents, both of which must be signed and stamped by your company:

In any and all instances, you will then ensure that the person(s) you seek to accredit come to the Première Vision Paris Press Club (Mezzanine Hall 6) in possession of two signed original copies of these documents (the form and the accreditation terms and conditions).

This is a necessary requirement so that we may then definitively validate the request, and allow the accredited person(s) to pick up their photographer/cameraman’s authorization(s) directly at our shows.

Please note that:

  • Only a limited number of Media and journalists are allowed to photograph or film at the shows, in the specific context of a particular report or article.
  • A daily selection of official photos will be available during the Première Vision Paris shows on our website, especially in the “Press Area” section.
  • NEW: Before taking any photographs or film/video recordings of stands and/or products, accredited photographers must obtain written authorization from the exhibitors. Prior to photographing or filming they must have said exhibitors sign the official form supplied by Première Vision. It is available on site at the Press Club.