The secrets of the Blossom Première Vision campaign

After a two-year absence, the Blossom Première Vision show dedicated to the pre-collections is back this winter in Paris. For the occasion, a quirky spring campaign image, conveying optimism and renewal, humorously illustrates the return of this key event highlighting the Spring-Summer 2023 pre-collections. This campaign was created by the artist Anna Bu Kliewer, who specializes in surrealist photo collages.

A new campaign by Anna Bu Kliewer

Anna Bu Kliewer defines herself as “Gerkainian”, raised in Germany and born in Ukraine.

An expert in photo collages combining human figures and fragments of nature, her work for this season’s Blossom Première Vision campaign is both playful and sweet.

“I really enjoy creating colourful and vibrant artworks and I love to incorporate flowers. When I was creating this particular artwork I actually bought some pink flowers that morning.”

– Anna Bu Kliewer

A colourful world for a unique artist

Living and working in London, Anna Bu Kliewer’s creativity is driven by her curiosity about space, time and alternative realities. Through her digitally and analogically crafted collages, she questions our perceptions of identity and nature in an expressive world filled with charm and humour.

• What inspires you?

“I’m usually inspired by colours in daily life as well as books that I read. Photography is important of course, and it really depends on my emotional mood on the day.”

Are there messages that you want to send through your art?

“There is not a message I want to send through, but rather have the viewer interpret it in their own way depending on their dreams and phantasies. But I do like my work to have a humorous connotation.”

What does your atelier looks like?

“It is actually extremely organized, I sort my material by colours and themes. My shelves are full of books and magazines. I have a very large collection of cut out pieces, it may be around 40000 now. I also have a large collection of scissors.”

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And don’t miss the next Blossom Première Vision show on December 6 and 7 at the Carreau du Temple in Paris.

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