The PV Spring-Summer 23 Color range

Packed with information about the latest sustainable innovations in dyes, colorings and prints, the Première Vision color range is also a boundless source of inspiration for creating color harmonies, whether for prints, accessory components, leather goods, footwear and above all silhouettes and collection plans.


The Spring-Summer 23 color range invites you to explore the depths of nature and the immensity of the digital world. Different types of tones coexist: strong and deep-rooted colors, vibrant hues with vim and vigor, and sensitively pigmented shades.

 They generate interlinking timings, encourage gender fluidity and facilitate a transversal use of color. These dialogues unfurl in three chromatic lines.

Strong and rooted shades exalt the material aspect of colors drawn from the earth and the plant world. These hues transcend the seasons, and are intertwined with an organic, fleshy, supple and delicate universe. 

Sensitive shades reveal a tender alliance between warm and cool tones, with fresh, intimate and moving hues. They navigate from the fluidity of blue to derivations of pink, worked in fluctuations, in depth, in lightness.

Vibrant hues with vim and vigor openly vibrate. The fleeting intensity of the digital universe takes liveliness right to the edge of fluorescence, comes up against the dazzle of white, and energizes floral tones.

The spring-summer 23 colors are attuned to multiple rhythms. They activate a close synergy between rational depth and spontaneous desirability, to move forward mindfully in the pursuit of circularity and an ever more open approach to timings and aesthetics.

Thanks to virtuous technologies, dying procedures aim at minimal use of water, and use of non toxic chemicals, from the purest white to the deepest hue.
The new generations of colors unfurl with natural pigments made out of revalued agricultural resources, explore the way to recyclability of dyes or revolutionize techniques with nuances produced by micro organisms.

Developed over the course of international meetings with our industry experts, the color range consists of a practical and inspiring booklet for understanding the season as a whole, containing:

  • The poster of the season’s color range and a color palette with the 24 shades to cut out.
  • A QR code that allows you to download:
    – The colors in .ase format for your Adobe design software, especially for colorists and designers
    – The colors in .qtx format for manufacturers in order to produce the recipes for dyes and printing,
    – A tutorial, downloadable through another QR code, to help you install these digital palettes.
  • A complete presentation of the range, the inspirations and concepts of the season, in images and in keywords, focusing this season on the sustainable innovations regarding color,
  • A booklet showcasing the key themes and color combinations of the season.

Check out a small sample of its contents below, then head to our Marketplace to purchase it!

Blue + green are the dream team for spring summer 23 !
In all their many variations and tones, these two cool shades pair up with a quiet strength that is both effective and invigorating, to develop in sport collections in head-to-toe looks, and in summery graphic or figurative decorations.


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