AW 25-26 Decodings: Accessories

The Autumn-Winter 25-26 season flaunts a firmly radical spirit. Strong directions coexist, from a minimalist purity to an extravagant creativity, from functional components to jewel-like accessories.  
This season, all things utilitarian are pared down to perfection. A decorative aesthetic is finding its way into everyday wear, thanks to innovations focused on subtlety and comfort.

Everyday Design

This Autumn-Winter 25-26, functional components lean towards minimalism and refinement – down to the smallest detail – for true sophisticated statement jewelry.  

The days of hiding functional features are over; this season, mechanics step right into the spotlight. Fastenings, clasps and buckles are transformed into functional decoration for an urban, tech-meets-chic silhouette. In the same vein, transparency is used for snaps, buckles and buttons, to subtly reveal the material itself. 

Masterful designs and expertise mark the season’s functional accessories, for perfectly realized creations. Each detail, each proportion, is conceived to craft a perfect harmony of form and function.  
Stainless steel finishes add an impeccable shine, to pair with matte black galvanizing, for a radically minimalist look.  

In ready to wear, padded volumes continue their ascent. On the accessories side, puffed-up effects are re-envisioned as sporty/decorative hybrids. Ties and drawstrings flirt with braiding and trimmings, while rubber is traded in for smooth, matte leathers.  

A wave of refinement spills over into accessories and components for casual wear. Laces, elastics and eyelets are embellished with fine metal threads hovering between silver and gunpowder, withlow-key and urban metallizations.  

Val Vibrata
Compagnie Française du Bouton
Label & Things

Wild Creativity

Faced with the restraint of minimalism, a need for extravagance is taking shape. Colors, textures, materials and techniques are worked together in a mix-and-match spirit. In this case, more is definitely more! 

A variety of references and traditions collide, giving rise to eccentric hybrids. Irregularity is the watchword, with tweedy, bouclette and bourrette looks. Even worn effects are elevated, expressed in disheveled textile accessories. Labels and patches flaunt fringes, feathers and cut-yarn jacquards, sometimes subtly extending a design, and other times becoming wildly tousled for an extravagant, unkempt look. 

Artisanship abounds, with effects vying to outdo each other. Feathers, fringes, braids and tufted textures are worked in an engaging, festive cacophony. Colors, materials, and techniques mix for an opulent, whimsical result. 

On the jewelry front, the emphasis is on almost instructional preciousness. Modular elements are designed to be assembled together, like a giant game of luxury Tetris. Here it’s all about contrast: metal with pastels, heavy with light, large with small, smooth with rough. For an expressive, multisensory sophistication. 

NRGY – STAFF – Manifattura Carpigiana
Marcy Plumassier
Olimpias Labels
Pariskrta Fashion
Fratelli Realli & C
La Griffe Internationale

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