The hidden qualities of the material

With “Inner & Sustainable Values”, the autumn-winter 22-23 season showcases the invisible properties of product developments – from the quality of the materials to the sensory appeal of the handles, from technical performance features to sustainable innovations.

A full exploration of the beauty of materials and expert know-hows, with extensively-researched compositions and creative constructions boosted by an eco-design approach, for sustainably original fashions.

The goal is to meet the challenges of eco-responsibility, to work towards maximum commitment
perpetuated through concrete, measurable actions.

Grasping the intangible difference,
perceiving beyond the surface,
sensing suppleness, roundness, elasticity,
feeling lightness, crispness,
perfecting sturdiness, resilience, durability,
and cultivating invisible performance

And what if true strength lies in things invisible to the naked eye?

Directed by Desolina Suter @uraganostudio

Beyond inner values or added visual and tactile values, the richness of looks and the refinement of finishings are also reflected in the authenticity of materials.

Daring to cover in all-over golds,
Confidently vaunting bold and showy metallics,
Or taking a more modest route, with fleeting sparkles.
Talking about luxury without resorting to clichés,
Conveying an intense, forthright and touching beauty
Through the power of the material itself.

Taking a magnifying glass to materials,
Getting as close as possible to identify the unique anomaly in a suiting,
Discovering the ultra-performance hidden in a woolen visual,
Scrutinizing the perfected construction of a weave,
Discerning the fineness of an exquisitely crafted fur,
Probing the rhythms of graphic embossings and structures.

Imagining new ways to construct garments from high-density materials,
Appreciating the solidity of woolens and cottons,
Marveling at the incredible stability and fineness of felts,
the firmness of suitings and knits.
Savoring the surprise softness of a compact, architectural XXL volume.
Admiring the firm springiness of an ultra-dry suiting.

Coming back, again and again, to the sense of touch, and its matchless emotions,
Indulging in the cozy softness of a silky fur,
Surrendering to the regressive charm of a plump quilting,
Wrapping up in the comfort of a protective woolen bubble,
Curling up in the thickness of a marshmallow-soft leather.
Or conversely, expertly recognizing the nobility in a dry, springy suiting
– the promise of elegantly alluring fashions.

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