The Collective

Our 1st trend decoding of the Spring-Summer 22 season

The Spring-Summer 2022 season bursts forth with new needs and new ways of functioning, emphasizing a heightened solidarity, a focus on the collective.

Driven by this optimistic élan, fashion is laying the essential groundwork, championing with flair the joy in doing things together. It brings together a wide range of activity sectors and skills, marrying techniques and know-hows with clearly alluring and sustainable values, to create actual networks that share and interact well beyond traditional confines and product ranges.

From its very inception, Première Vision has been delving into the concept of collective intelligence. It brings together industry professionals and experts at its fashion consultations to provide a framework for a fabulous sharing of ideas, to broaden horizons – not to dictate trends, but rather trace their roots and give them resonance. This approach is grounded in a deep commitment to synergy, to overcome preconceived ideas regarding competition, or retrenching into what already exists. Techniques, ideas and even mistakes are shared, in a constant desire to improve, to go further, to offer  – and contribute to –  the season’s creations.

A shared moment to nourish a common passion for creativity, beauty and technology, and to address the needs of the market through synthetic analyses, thus forging a critical link between those who create the materials and international experts and designers.

This inclination towards sharing, expressed by expansive and generous individuals, reveals a common appetite for new ideas and interaction. Eschewing exclusivity, the digital realm has seized on the same approach, supporting a range of creative fields via open sourcing, with diy, vlog, blog, podcast and an entire host of new vocabularies all capitalizing on shared ideas. Thanks to these new media, a giant laboratory of experimentation is burgeoning, to freely further innovation.

Collectively, we ask questions, collectively we seek solutions and each initiative, brand and website provides online forums and FAQs teeming with answers, ready to be seized on or pave the way to yet other solutions.

Synergy and collaboration offer new optimistic opportunities in our fields, inviting a search for solidarity involving associations at all levels: upstream and downstream. When “strength through union” is a sincere expression, it can attract collaborative creations, partnerships between creative minds. Coming together to look for responsible solutions, pooling progress, developing tools to improve visibility, and invitations to show and present together.

In marketing, a mobilization of the “community” replaces clients and blurs lines, by inviting consumers to participate in the very functioning of brands through crowd-founding or pre-order proposals, for example.

Fashion has many ways of inviting people to join in a shared commitment. The opportunities provided by collective commitment encompass not just design, but production, recycling, distribution, waste management and recycling. Responsible solutions that transcend sectors, free ideas, and create a multifaceted and ultra-creative collective.

This desire for a close-knit, shared and generous whole underscores the inherent delight the fashion industry derives in sharing its creations. To give rise to aesthetic, functional and wondrous creations that reflect a society and an era that transcends the individual. Fashion that opens up a dialogue, and freely invites discussion, is revealed throughout the spring-summer 22 season.


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