Innovation Pitch – From environmental labelling to fashion industries management: the value of traceability

The requirements and pressures are increasingly strong on fashion brands and their suppliers, in particular: Environmental labelling and the control of environmental impact require the collection of data on production chains (entities, countries, processes, etc.). Limited and scarce resources require to know its supply capacities. The future stabilization of supply chains requires the use of the most responsible partners. The publication of extra-financial reports must be based on reliable and verifiable information. Crises in the supply chain require knowledge of networks and responsiveness. To do this, it is essential to collect information, verify and cross-check to aggregate it to support decision-making and inform. We will see through practical examples how traceability can meet these challenges.

Presented by Augustin Firino Martell, Fashion & Luxury Manager at Crystalchain

15 min talk in English

To follow in the Talks Area, Hall 4. Access upon presentation of your e-badge

Tuesday 5 July at 10 am CET

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