TAB WASH: Sustainable Efficiency for jeans wash by Soko

Over the past few years, SOKO, an Italian Research Lab and Chemicals producer for the textile industry for three generations, has developed some of the most interesting concepts for sustainable garment washing.

It’s time for TAB WASH:

Innovation at Soko isn’t limited to creating new products, but goes beyond, giving new meaning to the process by changing its application method. This has been the case with many washing and dyeing processes that Soko has promoted in recent years and now it’ s time for TAB WASH:

This is an innovative jeans-washing process, based on Multi-Ingredient Tablets, which contain all the products required for the entire stone-washing process, from raw to cleaning in a single bath, using 5 liters of water per kg of garments (about 3 liters per jean). Thanks to the synergic action of its components, TAB WASH is able to reproduce the typical abrasion look of conventional stone-wash without using stones or drastically reducing their quantity, achieving a final clean vintage look.

Moreover no special machines are required, no spraying systems or extra equipment, just 1 product, 1 bath, 1 method. Simple, fast, operator friendly, environmentally friendly, carbon friendly, easy to store, pre-dosed and efficient – Sustainable in every sense.

No more multiple chemicals to dose, no more multiple steps and baths, no stones required more or less, lower impact on ETP, even more efficient and sustainable than spray systems, in short, Sustainable Efficiency.

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