Spring-Summer 23: Fabrics

Fabrics trends: Head to the country or move into the metaverse?

The fabrics of Spring-Summer 23 wittily pose just the right questions about our future daily lives. Tailoring, shirts, knits, silks and decorations all point to either a neo-rural or a gaily artificial summer. And if yearnings do tend to joyful insouciance or nostalgia for a bygone rural lifestyle, the means to create in a sustainable manner are more plentiful and diverse than ever. From raw materials that preserve or optimize resources to a careful control of finishings and colors, every link in the chain is monitored and supervised.

 Our own bets for the season? Crepes with a truly unconventional texture and feel, an irresistible papery crunch, a refreshing and airy lightness, and a multitude of linen for all markets and uses. Meantime, fantasy embraces a household-linens spirit!

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