Spring-summer 2023: Looking ahead to a season of fluidity

Today, the challenge in the design of any collection is how to integrate ideas that are as different as they are essential, such as sustainability and fashion’s desirability.

The challenge lies in accommodating both fast-moving trends and long-term developments, to see the creative process from a sustainable perspective while keeping the connection to what excites us.

Our new ethical thinking, spurred by a call for environmental responsibility voiced by a younger generation, joins the creative process through developments that are no longer conceived linearly but rather circularly. And fluidity – of seasons, genders and approaches – is there to accompany this movement.

Let’s look at water to inspire us: its cycle of perpetual motion demonstrates how fluidity can be made a part of our own idea of progress

Let’s observe it in all its states: whether liquid, solid or gas, it adapts and interacts with other elements. It evaporates then recondenses in the form of rain, once again fostering life on earth and initiating a new cycle.

Water in its solid state, with its icy and wet aspects, inspires a meeting between sculpture and digital printing, as illustrated by the works of Dutch artist Anouk Kruithof.

Meantime, water in its gaseous state influences the search for frothy, vaporous materials that create visual fluctuations, undulating motifs, plays on wavy lines and abstract nuances.

The contemporary aesthetic is thus fully immersed in fluidity, a more mixed fluidity for both men’s and women’s fashions, expressed in multiple interpretations, from the lightest weights to the heaviest.

Operating far outside of conventional categories, fluidity has been an integral part of fashion for many seasons now. Collections, increasingly untethered from strict notions of season and gender, meander between masculine and feminine, without any pre-set notions.

Collections float freely between colors with fewer and fewer connotations, positing apparel with uncoded uses: think of the success of the increasingly mixed appeal of traditional menswear adornments, suitings and casual fabrics, shirtings and knits.
Categorizations are less drastic and boundaries are murkier – and they will continue to slide increasingly into the space between gendered archetypes, allowing new attitudes and expressions to emerge.

This new model is an underlying current started long ago, and it still needs to be fully understood, grasped, experienced and internalized so it can be implemented for innovative market segments.

Stay tuned for the spring summer 2023 season in its globality !

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