Sport & Tech AW 22-23: “Democratic” fitness

Online sport apps have multiplied recently and made indoor sports like fitness, yoga and Pilates even more accessible. As a result, there has been a boom in products adapted to the requirements of these activities. At the heart of these new developments are innovative materials combining aesthetics and comfort.

For the AW 22-23 season, the delight in regaining our freedom and being outside, breathing fresh air and exercising in green spaces encourages us to practice these activities outdoors, thus generating new sportwear requirements. The players of the Sport & Tech sector have anticipated this trend and refined their research in order to create new products that meet these challenges.

Read on for a preview of a selection of Sport & Tech products adapted to your AW 22-23 developments.

Gentle dynamism

The well-being and comfort acquired from months of practising these gentle sports indoors are here to stay. Well-being continues to be attractive and has become a daily quest. Fitness and low-impact sports have made the notion of benevolence their own. This search for harmony is as much in the mind as in the aesthetics. Products designed for these activities are looking to new materials that combine the necessary hold with enhanced softness. Stretch fibres, blends of polyamide, Spandex and ©Roica are used to product leggings that fit like a second skin, optimising movement while holding the body firmly without compression. These fibres offer quick-drying and breathable properties. For sports bras with large straps, or long, close-fitting tops, blends of recycled polyester and Spandex appear in mesh knits or in a matt and powdery finish to produce smooth and aesthetic looks. Breathable, double-sided colourful knits can be used to produce creative garments, playing with cut-outs, yokes and straps. And tone-on-tone printed versions, or with a slight relief bring a touch of fancy to tops and leggings.


Protective performance

Being able to train outside, in parks or by the sea, is a joyful idea and we note the emergence of products designed for these hybrid uses.

Exhibitors have designed AW 22-23 products that accumulate features and thus fulfil these new desires.

Tee-shirt weight fabrics have found their way into fitness products. Ultra-stretch knits are lightweight but high-performance. Polyester blends are plain or in tone-on-tone or coloured marl and combine with elastane to create tops with a casual look.  These blends boast anti-UV, fast-drying or water-repellent properties, ideal for practising fitness activities outside in the sun or rain. Other knits ensure anti-bacterial protection to combat unpleasant odours. Perfect for creating t-shirts to be worn during and after these activities, allowing the wearer to feel fresh and light during outdoor fitness sessions!

Some blends combine the thermal and breathable properties of wool with elastane, taking on the appearance of flannel. They can be used to create hybrid hoodies, between jackets and sweats, so that elegance does not have to be sacrificed when performing outdoor activities in the cold.

New fibres incorporated into the materials offer a thermoregulating performance that ensures the body stays at an optimal temperature by regulating changes in body heat. Bi-stretch warp and weft ensure comfort and water-repellent properties for satin-look jackets and leggings that both protect from the rain and look refined, for hybrid and smart sportswear. The use of reflective fabrics renews fleece jackets, ensuring both warmth and optimal safety outside.

Responsible, high-performance knits

Keen to contribute to the virtuous circle of eco-responsibility, Sport & Tech firms are continuing to innovate to offer more sustainable developments while maintaining performances and optimising the visual aspect of products. Natural and cellulosic fibers combine with recycled polyamides or polyesters. Lyocell is emerging as a preferred fibre for creating soft yet high-performance knits. Its fluidity and subtle silky appearance, with its peach skin texture, provides urbane elegance to t-shirts and jogging pants, ideal for sports that require looser, ample cuts. Lyocell also has the capacity to envelope the body with a comforting softness.

New fibres such as the Amni Soul Eco® are a good alternative to classic polyamide fibres while offering the same comfort. This new generation fibre, free of all chemical substances and labelled Oeko-Tex, is biodegradable, decomposing in the ground. Its composition is consumed then digested by bacteria which accelerates the biodegradability process. This fibre also has the advantage of being breathable and brings softness to the material.

Through this selection of Sport & Tech products you can see the solutions imagined by exhibitors from Première Vision Paris to build a Sport collection for AW 22-23 that reconciles well-being, eco-responsibility and aesthetics.

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