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The Rfive Project is established to create the possibility for brands to be able to recycle its own waste, such as death stocks, scraps and unused garments.

The project started on 2020 based on the the basic principles of sustainability and circular economy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renew and Restore.

“Social and environmental awareness in companies has revealed initiatives of success in the textile and clothing industry and this project aims to be a great contribution to a sustainable textile chain and more conscious consumption, minimizing the environmental impact throughout its process.”

– Maria Sá, CEO of the company.

With a minimal impact of pollution for the environment, minimal CO2 emissions, near 0 water consumption, near 0 use of chemical products and with a reduced ecological footprint, we are able to offer new final products with an appealing design and quality compatible with what brands demand.

The process begins with the collection of textile waste, followed by the choice, separation and preparation of recycled textile fibers and then fiber spinning recycled, ending up in the production of knitted fabrics with recycled cotton.

We invite you to visit our stand at Premiere Vision Paris from 8 to 10 February where you can see some Rfive Project® qualities in our new Spring-Summer 23 collection.

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