Research, development & designing an Earth-positive future with PANGAIA Science

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PANGAIA is a materials science company bringing breakthrough textile innovations and patents into the world through essential products and partnerships. Our mission is to design an Earth-positive future together, by giving back to the planet more than we take.

That’s why we want to share our materials, technologies, knowledge and science with businesses through PANGAIA Science, our B2B platform.


PANGAIA Science offers a range of ways for companies, innovators, brands and suppliers to work with us, helping transition towards a more responsible industry through the wide adoption of innovative materials and processes.

We aim to increase accessibility and use of these resources, and have over 200 fabrics in our portfolio which we are constantly growing, as well as ‘green chemistry’, with lower impact treatments, inks and dyes to offer. We have developed these closely with our R&D team and partners such as RDD Textiles® in Portugal and Grado Zero in Italy to validate performance, sourcing and impact. We can also design the perfect fabric just for you.

From FLWRDWN™, a plant-based alternative to animal-derived down made using wildflowers, a biopolymer and aerogel, to FRUTFIBER™ made by transforming food production waste into new textile—our materials library is ready for you.

Explore our latest innovations

FLWRDWN™ is a plant-based alternative to animal-derived down made using wildflowers, a biopolymer and aerogel. It’s taken over 10 years to develop this breakthrough, resource-efficient material which keeps you warm.

PLNTFIBER™ is a blend of responsibly sourced and renewable Himalayan nettle fiber, bamboo lyocell and lyocell™ embedded with seaweed.

FRUTFIBER™ is a blend of pineapple leaf and banana leaf fibers sourced from food production waste (agri-waste) and mixed with bamboo lyocell.

PPRMNT™ is a plant-based treatment that uses peppermint oil as its main active ingredient, providing an anti-odor effect that keeps your clothes fresher for longer—resulting in less frequent washing.

Colorifix is a technology that replicates the DNA codes of pigments found in nature and, with the help of microbes, creates unique shades of color using zero harmful chemicals, no bulk supply chain and less water and energy. RDD Textiles is the first partner to have developed and industrialized this technology.

AIR-INK® is a carbon-capture technology that diverts harmful substances from the air we breathe by transforming air pollution particles into water-based inks, dispersions and coatings.

And many more…

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