Special report : Sustainability, the new normal?

Sustainability: the new normal?

Urged on by more and more demanding consumers, fashion houses both big and small are accelerating their transformation towards a more virtuous and sustainable economy. Here we share Première Vision’s point of view, and examine the experiences of Thomas Bucaille, head of CSR at Petit-Bateau, and Sylvie Bénard, President of Paris Good Fashion and founder of the agency La Dame à la Licorne, which accompanies brands making such a transition.


It’s a revolution like few others, shaking up a structure long thought immune to any disruption.

An awareness is gripping people across the world, reshuffling the cards of the fashion universe at each stage of the production chain. A rethinking is sweeping across the board – from the life cycle of plants involved in the manufacturing of raw materials to the recycling of products, from their transport to the eco-design of boutiques. Meanwhile, second-hand products are meeting with an unprecedented popularity, forcing brands to rethink the sustainability of their production and the establishment of mending and repair shops…Some despair, while others optimistically envision the opportunities that come with the magnitude of this burgeoning reinvention. Today, there’s a premium on boldness and imagination, and the development of a concrete roadmap to successfully complete the necessary transitions.

As Sylvie Benard rightly reminds us, there’s no need to change everything right away; what’s important is to establish priorities and set a timetable that is both ambitious and realistic. Without losing sight of the fact that upheavals are above all a tremendous opportunity – a chance to reimagine everything, and lay the foundations for a new cycle, one which must have the ring of a promise…Lydia Bacrie for Première Vision

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Discover our interview with Sylvie Bénard, a former Director of the Environment for the LVMH Group and President of Paris Good Fashion, who has recently founded La Dame à la Licorne, a consulting firm.

Along with our interview with Thomas Bucaille, Director HR & CSR at Petit Bateau

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