RIUC, a new sustainable and natural material born from circular economy?

What if we finally had a material for the future, sustainable by nature, resulting from the recycling of organic fibers and whose resistance has no equivalent among natural materials? Even if it might sound impossible, the truth is you already know this material very well.

RIUC©, a digital campaign against preconceived ideas

Launched by the French National Leather Council (Conseil National du Cuir) and the sector’s professional federations in October 2021, the RIUC© digital campaign – anagram of cuir, the french word for leather – aims to promote the natural assets of leather, while demystifying preconceived ideas.

Created in collaboration with the creative studio Matter of Fact, the RIUC concept plays with the communication codes related to new innovative materials to better promote the advantages of an ancestral material whose sustainable qualities are often forgotten.

As the CNC reminds us, the Filière Française du Cuir (French Leather Sector) is involved in the oldest recycling activity in the world. The leather, hide, tannery and leather processing industries actually recover as much as 170,000 tons of raw hides each year in France.

“This new campaign echoes the awareness-raising work carried out for many years by the Filière Française du Cuir. Between myths and realities, we are committed to promoting this material which is a true gift from nature. Far from preconceived ideas, the leather industry is a pride of France, representing 12,800 companies whose talents and know-how are recognized internationally.”

Frank Boehly, President of the Conseil National du Cuir


Leather, a material quite unknown to young people

At a time when a recent study by the Economic Observatory of the Conseil National du Cuir reveals that 54% of 18-24 year olds believe that animals are raised to produce leather, it is important to remember that leather is first and foremost a by-product of the agro-industry anchored in a circular economy.

Thus, if the RIUC© material was purely and simply created out of thin air, the qualities of leather are however very real!

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