[PV Talk] – Can sports brands get closer to natural fibers?

A collaborative value chain for a valuable natural sourcing in sportswear.
The Sports industry is a pioneer in a lot of topics, able to readjust itself with both innovation and technology. In an evolutive journey to sustainability, we see an urgent need for getting out of hydrocarbure and virgin synthetic fibers dependency. There are different ways to take this challenge, from circularity to alternative fibers.

As a niche market becoming bigger, natural origins materials are building a sector, using a holistic and innovative approach to directly collaborate with brands. Can sports brands get closer to natural fibers?

30 min Talk in French with simultaneous translation in english with:
Damien Pommeret, Regional Manager Western Europe / The Woolmark Company
Solene Roure, Creative Director & Cofounder / Circle Sportswear
Marie Demaeght, Textile & CSR manager / Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp
Alexandre Fougea, Founder & designer / Akonite
Moderated by Aude Penouty, Founder and R&D Director / ENTADA TEXTILE, sustainable sourcing & design consulting.

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