S/S22 Decoding by universe – Tops & Shirts : shirting

Discover the S/S 22 season’s fabric highlights for men’s and women’s shirtings, selected by the Première Vision Paris fashion team.

 Whether for men or women, the season’s shirtings are ready to meet the desire for ease, paleness and naturalness. In a genderless vein, fiber blends are an invitation to enjoy new sensory experiences, even indulge in a certain laziness. Cottons are teamed with viscose, lyocell, silk or linen to enrich or add suppleness to handles, lending a relaxed but not careless feeling.

In womenswear, weights are lightened right up to a slightly provocative transparency and complemented by lively colors, to imagine the season’s tops in an optimistic light.

Shirting fluidity

Supple, lightweight men’s shirts dispense with a certain formal rigidity. Blends with viscose, silk or synthetics target floaty styles, to accompany movement and glide gracefully over the body. Fluid handles contrast with straightforwardly graphic stripes, playing on the contrast between the motion of the fabric and the rigor of the pattern.

Women’s fabrics lend themselves to additions of ruffles and gathers, to accentuate the expressive freshness of shirtings.

Plant-based fantasy

A natural breeze blows through chic shirtings. Linen, whether pure or blended with cotton, enriches chambrays and semi-plains with a vegetal note. Stripes and checks embrace their discreet rusticity, and feature fine, slubbed irregularities. The inclination for natural fibers is part of a quest for more sustainable compositions, which favors organic and recycled fibers.

Crepon freshness

In shirtings, the search for lightness is combined with an urge to feel the fabric come alive; the season’s men’s stripes and checks are enlivened by seersucker or discreetly wrinkled effects, for simultaneously relaxed and clean looks. In women’s, this slight shiverings dare a more pronounced transparency, creponned surfaces elaborate a fantasy that veils and reveals candidly charming shirts and blouses.


Energetic stripes

Color-woven shirting designs favor stripes over checks. They are fresh and clean, colorfully dynamic. Patterns are neat and graphic, exploiting the contrast between paleness and liveliness for tops with a decisively optimistic look. Whether in  menswear or womenswear, these invigorating shirtings are a lively way to punctuate silhouettes.

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