Linen remains a seductive source of inspiration

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The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp | CELC as the European authority which brings together the entire flax value chain, regularly conducts quantitative, qualitative and prospective studies. CELC works closely with Tagwalk, a powerful fashion search engine, to assess the presence of Linen in high-end ready-to-wear and accessible luxury collections.


Linen studies

During Première Vision Paris, a show dedicated to upstream fashion sourcing, and the Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milan, London and New York, CELC reviews the main conclusions of its latest study (15,000 consumers surveyed only on social networks) which confirms a trend spotted the previous year: Linen, a European vegetable fibre, is increasingly used by fashion designers in their collections.

The first reason for this growing popularity is that Linen synthesises the aspirations and new societal demands of consumers. And by combining naturalness and aesthetics, it combines multiple virtuous properties on an environmental level while freeing up creative possibilities. As premium fibre, Linen is therefore also particularly popular with many fashion designers today.

©Tagwalk – Auralee – FW21

This European plant fibre is agro-creative as its growth and transformation require specific expertise and it creates diverse options in the textile industry and also in product development innovation.

©Tagwalk – Acne Studios – FW2021
©Tagwalk – Hermès SS21

©Tagwalk – Acne Studios – FW2021                                                    ©Tagwalk – Hermès SS21

Certified Linen

Faced with growing demands, and to help designers in their research, CELC has set up a digital b2b platform with a double objective; to present, through seasonal influences, Linen collections by spinners, weavers and knitters, intended for the fashion market and serve as a keyword sourcing tool. To note, two out of three searches on the platform concern certified Linen.

European Flax – which accounts for 80% of the world’s production and is grown on a coastal strip from Caen to Amsterdam – has two certifications created by CELC: EUROPEAN FLAX®, a guarantee of traceability of a premium quality flax fibre cultivated in Western Europe. All transformation steps are audited by the leading independent certification body Bureau Veritas.

Traceability which, when ensured by European companies at each link in the chain, from yarn to fabric, is labelled MASTERS OF LINEN®, a registered trademark and a club of textile excellence.

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