Indigo Tunel dresses the hostesses of Denim PV in Milan

The exhibitor Indigo Tunel is the creator of the hostesses’ outfits that will welcome you at the next DENIM PV trade fair from 13 to 14 October in Milan.

Find out more about their work :

A dynamic team

Indigo Tunel is a dynamic team with extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of denim manufacturing and marketing. This includes a focus on the use of indigo yarns dyed on the rope and indigo knitting. The company operates in the Mediterranean, Europe and Turkey. Their factory is located in the industrial zone of Adana Hacı Sabancı, in Turkey.

An exceptional work

The main objective is to produce a true indigo-dyed yarn with perfect consistency in terms of colour and tone for each type and thickness of yarn. With authentic products suitable for all textile uses, the company expands the use of indigo dyed yarn to achieve the best results. In order to provide the best possible customer satisfaction, Indigo Tunel offers advice and technical support at every stage of product production.

An experienced production

With rope thicknesses ranging from 7/1 to 36/1, the company is able to dye all types of cellulosic fibres (cotton, tencel, etc.) and mixed fibres with rope dyeing technology. With this technology meeting the highest industrial standards and a capacity of 120 tons per month, Indigo Tunel serves its customers in the national and international markets. The company has an indigo yarn production capacity of 2,000 tonnes per year. This amounts to an annual fabric production of 500 tons. Their annual turnover is about 20 million dollars. Finally, the yarns dyed indigo rope yarns have been produced only by integrated mills with vertical fabric assembly lines. Their aim is to make them accessible to any jersey, knitwear and fabric manufacturer, be it a small workshop, a large brand or a giant mill.

See you soon at Denim Première Vision !

#1 13 & 14 October at Superstudio Piú in Milan

#2 And from 11 to 15 October at

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