Hybridized know-hows

A response to intersecting style universes and mixed uses

The bridges between style universes and uses are constantly changing, multiplying and adapting to various lifestyles, fluctuating from an emphasis on well-being to easy comfort, indoor to outdoor, boldly extroverted to intimate.
There’s a blurring of the boundaries between formal and informal, with increasingly sophisticated casual wear, and dressier looks moving towards a more contemporary ease.

Silkies & Sport

A fusion of the glamor of silkies and the technology of active-sport textiles. Bold combinations of protective materials and precious fabrics. Satiny, sophisticated and performant bondings. Silky bi-stretch in both knits and wovens.
Hybrids are the new modern fabrics, featuring groundbreaking fusions and blends: coatings, chintz effects, metallic leaves worked on wavy aspects and corduroys. Cracklings, wrinklings and artisanal looks.

Outdoor & Decoration

A surprising marriage of evening wear and outdoor wear. Ultra-decorated outer wear, windbreakers, parkas and blousons. Jewelry-like details for skiwear with status and style. Technical and high-performance materials with highly visual and expressive motifs and colorways, in prints, jacquards and color wovens. Boldly decorative looks for wildly fanciful outdoor wear. The iconic technical fabrics of winter and outdoor sports borrow the ornamental codes of silkies, forgoing classic camouflage in favor of fashion visuals.

Tailoring & Workwear

Menswear for the city is redefined, the result of a new alliance between business elegance and utilitarian garments. Sturdy, ultra-chic cottons, functional suitings and a variety of gabardines – neatly drawn, hollowed, or perfectly smooth. Ultra-dense textures for fabric qualities marked by a controlled, fine and compact thickness.

Casual & Silkies

Easy handles and a relaxed drape team up with a silky spirit for a precious yet comfortable look. Cotton shirtings grow more fluid thanks to the contribution of silk, viscose and continuous lyocells. Silky cotton blends make for generously supple jacket and pant weights. Cottony velvets inspired by pannés flaunt soft handles and lustrous surfaces. Also in the mix: festive denims, lamé-effect indigos and decorative jacquards. 

Discover the first inputs of the Autumn Winter 22-23 season through the eye of  Michiko Ikenishi and Desolina Suter, as well as the sport fabrics’ choice by Sabine le Chatelier.

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