Enabling Trust: Tracing the Textile Supply Chain

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With the push from regulators, fashion enthusiasts, and human rights activists, questions surrounding supply chain transparency are demanded to be answered, and the time to answer them is now.

At Haelixa we react to questions around transparency by providing forensic data. With our physical traceability solution, we are able to mark and trace materials, proving claims of origin, recycling, manufacturing, and quality.

The Haelixa marker is made up of DNA. It is harmless for humans and the environment, GMO-free, OekoTex Standard 100 compliant, and GOTS certified. A unique marker is developed to be able to identify a producer, manufacturer, brand, or even material (e.g. recycled fiber) and then directly sprayed as a liquid onto fibers (both natural and man-made). This unique product identifier stays safely embedded into the material and therefore cannot be tampered with. The verification is done with a simple forensic test where an intermediate product or a final garment is verified if the item is what it claims to be.

Not only is this Swiss technology extremely reliable and safe, but it is also easy to integrate and scale. Thanks to its features, the Haelixa traceability solution allows different players in the supply chain to take ownership of their claims and support their sustainability objectives. For suppliers and manufacturers, Haelixa’s traceability solution helps minimize reputational risks as they can back up their claims through proven tested data, making them a competitive contender and the preferred option for brands to choose from. Haelixa enables brands to comply with the upcoming, stricter supply chain and anti-greenwashing laws and to re-assure the end consumer with traceability from source to retail.

Continue the discussion: The Haelixa team will be exhibiting at Smart Creation at Premiere Vision Paris. We invite those who are interested to stop by and discuss how we can help you build traceable future-proofed supply chains. Reserve a meeting with us at:


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