PV Denim x Les Teintures de France by Serge H

Denim Premiere Vision show will take place at Arena Berlin on May 31st and June 1st. The show will feature the latest denim creative trends in terms of colors, materials and finishings.

This season Denim Première Vision collaborates with the company Les Teintures de France to create textile developments illustrating the Autumn Winter 24-25 new trends. The result of this collaboration will be showcased at the center of the show on the Berlin Forum.

Les Teintures de France is a family-owned and artisan dyeing workshop based in the Paris region. It specializes in digital printing, laser cuts, and washing. Pre-treatment, dyeing process, embellishment or printing are some of the techniques used on silk, leather or cotton. Thanks to new washing or bleaching methods, the dyeing workshop radically reduces water consumption while avoiding the use of polluting chemicals.

The DENIM PREMIERE VISION’s forum will offer a wide selection of samples with a visually impactful aesthetic. For this Denim season, materials present intensely colored contrasts. Patterns and embellishments are decorative and narrative, and surfaces are coated with delicate shines.

Autumn-Winter 24-25 denim is also strongly inspired by the organic world, featuring bouclette effects enhanced by washings. 

These trends will be displayed throughout the show in collaboration with Les Teintures de France by Serge H along with unique and experimental denim pieces in the forum itself.

Please join us to discover our collaboration at Arena Berlin.

In order to know more about Les Teintures de France by Serge H, please check out the website

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