Blossom PV: A dive into the universe of Lyria Spa

In the lead up to the next Blossom Première Vision – the can’t-miss event dedicated to the Spring-Summer 2023 pre-collections – the Première Vision team shines a special light on the expert know-hows and excellence of its selected exhibitors.

Today we meet with Lyria SPA, home of inspired Italian elegance.


Creative, Made in Italy suiting wovens

Based in Tuscany, in the heart of Italy’s textile industry, Lyria produces unique and timeless fabrics for the world’s most prestigious brands and influential designers.

Since 2002, owner and designer Riccardo Bruni has focused his creativity on textiles merging tradition, modernity and emotion, to create collections marked by a rare elegance, whose aesthetic is in part guided by wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection.

A talk with Riccardo Bruni, the creator and dreamer behind Lyria SPA

“I don’t really know what inspires me… I just look around and do what my mind decides on. I soak up nature, the area, dreams, books and culture.”

– Riccardo Bruni, Owner and designer of Lyria Spa

Première Vision: What spurred the desire to found Lyria in the heart of Tuscany?

Riccardo Bruni: Lyria was born in the heart of Tuscany because that’s been the natural home of fabrics for centuries. Lyria could not have come to be anywhere else, because I myself am the son of weavers and I studied at a local textile school. The steam, the fumes, the legend… this region is so essential for me to recharge my batteries.

PV: What inspires and nourishes your creations?

RB: Inspire…. nourish… what big words! I don’t really know what inspires me…. I just look around and do what my mind decides on. I soak up nature, the area, dreams, books and culture. I am a lucky designer because I get to do what I love doing every day.

PV: How would you define Lyria’s style, which is so appreciated by luxury fashion houses and designers?

RB: Imperfect… a timeless style. In a few words, I ‘d say sad, seductive, unassuming, cursed!


PV: Why did you choose the Blossom show to present your pre-collections?

RB: I like Blossom because it’s on a human scale, it doesn’t spread out all over. It’s like a private showroom in the center of Paris! Of course, it’s not perfect and I think it could be improved with more personalization. But Paris fascinates me and I feel like I’m in a timeless dimension when I’m in its streets, and it reminds me of the spirit of Lyria.

PV: Can you tell us about an innovation or creation you’ll be presenting at Blossom that you feel particularly strongly about?

RB: I want to present a small collection that is entirely sustainable and eco-responsible, made using local artisanal techniques. I’d like to recreate an almost “medieval” environment. That’s maybe a dream, but dreams help people to live.

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