Autumn-Winter 22-23 : Fabrics

The Fall/Winter 22-23 season mischievously combines rationality and fantasy. Between the two, we want both! At the same time, strong woollens, reassuring or deliciously cosy, the enveloping fluidity, the anti-shock quilting, the cocoon knits, compassionate materials to feel at home in your clothes. And also the cheerfulness of crazy weavings, the excessive shine of golds, jacquards like carpets, plunging into the mysterious darkness, living modern art on oneself, finding a liberating jubilation! Without compromise, from one end of the chain to the other, the choices are demanding. The search for consistency and transparency is omnipresent, and the increasingly well-known certifications strengthen confidence. The range of raw materials is expanding, bio-sourced synthetics and new cellulosics are changing the game. Ecology is no longer an option, or even an obstacle to enjoying fashion responsibly.


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