A closer look at the 4th Première Vision Shenzhen show

From April 19 to 21, 2022, the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan) will host the 4th Première Vision Shenzhen (SS23).

The event’s goal is to promote sustainable innovation and breakthroughs in China’s fashion industry through the deep integration of global resources and localized business models and connecting the world’s best brands and most valuable suppliers.

Build Core Competitive Advantages for Fashion Brands and Establish a High-End Fashion Community in China

The 4th Première Vision Shenzhen will take place in the world’s largest exhibition hall, and will be held concurrently with the 25th Fashion Source Shenzhen International Exhibition for Clothing Supply Chain and the 10th Shenzhen Original Design Fashion Week.

From upstream raw materials to ready-to-wear and design, the joint exhibitions will present to global buyers a complete supply chain system, as well as highly creative exhibits and cutting-edge fashion trend information.

The highlights of PV Shenzhen 4th edition

The PV SS23 trends…

…deepening local roots while connecting to international fashion communities.

As a trend-setter in the global fabric industry, the Première Vision fashion team plans to stage an exciting PV trend tasting and decoding session, as well as a product launch at the Shenzhen exhibition, where the concepts, elements and layout of Première Vision Paris exhibition will be vividly replicated to provide the audience with an immersive experience of the international fashion trends.

But of course, recreating the exhibition exactly as it is in Paris is insufficient. In such a diversified event where regional markets’ unique characteristics must not be overlooked, the PV fashion team will collaborate with PV Shenzhen exhibitors to produce a live review of new products and classic collections from the core trends area with reference to the PV SS23 fashion trends and explore the possibilities and vitality of the integration of international and local fashion trends.

Senior fashion experts will be invited to speak at the press conference, providing in-depth interpretations of fashion trends based on color, trend, and fabric to fuel creative inspiration.

An occasion to meet…

…for high-end fashion buyers, emerging high-luxury e-commerce platforms, and pioneer designer brands.

Commercial high-luxury brands that started off on a downward trend have rebounded to steady growth between 2020 and 2021. Meanwhile, independent designer brands and China’s high-end fashion e-commerce are growing at a rapid pace.

This year’s PV Shenzhen not only invited the prestigious sourcing decision-makers from commercial fashion brands, but also actively sought to invite independent designer brands, customization studios, and a number of fast-growing high-luxury e-commerce brands from the Alibaba, Tik-Tok, and WeChat ecosystems to join the grand event.

The PV Shenzhen seminars…

will look at new trends and solutions in the race of China’s high-end fashion industry. The forecasting of new market trends is inextricably linked to the collision of innovative ideas.

PV Shenzhen will host China’s first high-end fashion seminar. International fabric experts will provide insights into global trends. Meanwhile, operators of domestic high-end brands will share practical experience with their own brands, too.

A series of special seminars will focus on insights into high-end consumption, address industry hotspots such as low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable development, delve into the advantages of high-end e-commerce and the challenges facing the supply chain, and cover other latest industry trends, providing inspiration and guidance for your brand’s future strategic planning.

The PV Shenzhen Club…

walking among real experts in fashion and textile.

PV’s rigorous approach to innovation and quality not only propels the fashion industry forward but also inspires a group of like-minded professionals in the industry to pursue excellence with great enthusiasm. The PV Shenzhen Club has established a community for suppliers, buyers, partners, media veterans, and executives in the PV ecosystem.

With the goal of providing a private, focused, and unique space for ideas to collide, PV is motivated by the initial resolution and emphasis on professionalism, a gathering for like-minded individuals, and effective communication. In the relaxed atmosphere of the on-site reception, we’ll talk about global fashion news, industry hotspots, trending practices, and efficient operation and collaboration models. This is an opportunity for pairing high-quality resources and exploring new business.

The 4th Première Vision Shenzhen registration is now open for exhibitors, with a registration deadline on February 25, 2022 for new candidates, and March 4th for returning exhibitors.

April 19 to 21, 2022

Join Us at China’s Top Event of Textile Supply Chain

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