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This inspirational tool is composed of 29 exclusive tones, as well as the key harmonies and highlights of SS 25 to guide you through your creative process.

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How chrysalises inspire the season's creations


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Decodings SS25: Leather

The Spring-Summer 25 season is all about mutation.

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Decodings SS25 Leather: Adaptation

For the leathers of SS25, it’s all about flawless functionality.

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Decodings SS25 Leather: Mutating surfaces

The mutation storyline is an ode to the transformation of matter.

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Decodings SS25 Leather: Unadorned

Authenticity in leather is renewed in a more contemporary direction.

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Decodings SS25: Sport & Outdoor

SS25 is searching for the least harmful ingredients and pioneering ingenious blends.

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Decodings SS25: Accessories

The Spring-Summer 25 season reflects a time of transition.

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Decodings SS25 Accessories: Revisited classics

It’s all about revisited classics, including twists on natural motifs that create fantasy hybrids.

PV Color Book SS 25
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Decodings SS25 Accessories: Radical Utilitarianism

SS25 reflects the profound transformations underway in the fashion industry.

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Decodings SS25 Accessories: Freeze Frame

The concept of capturing the moment of transition inspires new creative developments.

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Decodings SS25: Designs

The SS25 season is rooted in the concept of mutation, like an ode to change.

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Decodings SS25 Designs: Multiplication

Mutation, the central theme of SS25, pays tribute to the resilience of nature.

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Decodings SS25 Designs: XXL Minimalism

Craftsmanship contrasts with he abundance and richness of digital illustrations.

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Decodings SS25 Designs: Bleached

The season is all about pale shades and abstract forms imbued with a strange softness.

Season report SS 25 Decoration
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Decodings SS25: Decoration

Find here the SS25 trends for Decoration.

Color Report AW 24-25
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Decodings SS25 Decoration: Highlights

SS25 decorations reveal a new look in prints, embroidery, lace and jacquards.

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Decodings SS25 Decoration: Embroidery

Embroideries expand their possibilities into summer shirtings, mesh and 3D knits.

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Decodings SS25 Decoration: Lace

Leavers or Rachel, casual or red carpet-bound, lace grows denser, crossing over into new uses.

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Decodings SS25 Decoration: Prints

From botanical to geometric motifs, prints are always faded, slightly distorted.

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Decodings SS25 Decoration: High Fancy 

Gilt jacquards reveal more pastel colorways while overt opulence is found in XL floral motifs.