Smart Creation

Eco-responsible & tech innovations positioned at the heart of each Première Vision Paris edition

Sustainability and technology : 2 key subjects around which the Première Vision group has been positioning itself for several years now, to support the creative fashion industry as it evolves.

As early as 2015, it launched the Smart Creation study and information platform to promote its exhibitors’ responsible approaches and showcase a new generation of values. This platform can be found online on the Première Vision website, and has long had a dedicated space, the Smart Creation Area, at the September editions of Première Vision Paris.

At the same time, the Wearable Lab, launched in 2017 at the February editions, explored innovations driven by the advent of new technologies and digitalization to promote connected and intelligent fashions.

NEW – From February 2020, the two spaces merge and become a unique Smart Creation Area, to be discovered at each edition, in February and September.

An invitation to discover the eco-responsible and technological innovations that are already industrially developed and ready to be used in the fashions of today and tomorrow. This is a strong and fundamental development to meet the needs of the international fashion sector’s players – industrial exhibitors and fashion and accessory brands.

Visit the Smart Creation Area, Première Vision Paris, Hall 3

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Sept.19 / Smart Creation

Focus on the February 2020 Smart Creation space offer

The most committed, inspiring and even visionary companies in the sector!

58 exhibitors including 48 featuring responsible products (41 Smart Materials and 7 Smart Services – 1/3 being newcomers) and 10 fashion tech exhibitors (including 3 new ones).

  • Eco-friendly materials: organic & responsible (Bananatex, Circular Systems, Varvaressos) and recycled (Komatsu),
  • Responsible dyes: waterless & tech (Debs, Taylor) and natural (Komatsu, Toyoshima),
  • Innovative materials – whether in terms of eco-responsibility (Spiber) or materials/products with exceptional thermal/bacterial, hydrophobic or breathable properties (Tannerie Pechdo, Pyrates, Induo, Polygiene),
  • Innovative creative processes (Browzwear, Daumet),
  • Connected products (Satab, De Rigueur, KC Textil, Ciliarish Shanghai Apparel),
  • Technologies serving traceability (Haelixa, Id Factory, Verisium),
  • Global circular approaches (Greenbiz par Komatsu).

Innovation infusing all the various sectors of Premiere Vision Paris

This responsible-creation approach starts right from the so-called creation phase, as 80% of a product’s environmental impact is determined in its design stage. All the upstream sectors of creative fashion are thus concerned. And because innovative players are also located in other areas of the show, Première Vision Paris is offering a trail of 160 exhibitors identified as having an exemplary responsible approach by the Première Vision teams – the result of in-depth analysis over the last few years.

The exhibitors are selected according to three criteria (all validated by certifications):

  • The company: Social and environmental responsibility (energy, water, waste management, as well as HR and corporate ethics).,
  • Its product transformation processes: Traceability, dyeing and finishing,
  • Raw material sourcing: Fabric, Leather, Accessories: Recycled / Regenerated / Organic, Alternative materials : Biopolymers/ New fibres and yarns

Discover the Smart Creation Trail fabrics, yarns, leather, accessories and alternative materials

Première Vision gives a voice to those who move the lines

– During the show, the Innovation Talks Area stage hosts a rich and high quality program. Innovation and more particularly eco-responsibility are at the heart of the debates.
Ask for the program!

Explore the potential of responsible fashion with Smart Creation, the podcast. Renowned international guests unveil their visions and initiatives.