AW 24-25 Designs: Technical Sensitivity

Artistic creation increasingly looks to science for inspiration.
Mathematics and its complex problems inspires meticulous, hypnotic motifs.
The acceleration of new technologies gives rise to a new form of nostalgia: that of a not-so-distant era when the virtual was a crude imitation of reality. Pixels, static screens, blurs and glitches are romanticized.

Blurred Visuals

Classic patterns are filtered through a defective screen.
Stripes, checks and chevrons in cool hues distort perceptions and present “errors,” with a focus on vintage pixelated renderings that recall classic textile weaves.
Foliage patterns feature saturated tone-on-tone treatments, while moiré spins on screens channel a retro techno vibe. 

Methodical Repeat Patterns

An ode to mathematics. The implacable logic of science inspires orderly, geometric designs. Colors are neutral and scales micro. Methodical repeat patterns recall the complexity of certain weaves, with small, interwoven geometric shapes that conjure kinetic art-style optical illusions.

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