AW 24-25 Designs: Natural Symbiosis

The times call for a back-to-roots approach and a search for symbiosis with the natural world. This creative deep dive is interpreted graphically, with renderings ranging from the hyper-realistic to the deeply abstract.

Hide and Seek

Foliage hides in plain sight. Through deft use of color, layering and contrasts, familiar forms trick the senses and distort perceptions. 

Suggesting tree branches, patterns turn abstract when superimposed with strokes of color. Flat tints contrast with realistic, vibrant foliage patterns. Finally, plant motifs on plain backgrounds are parasitized by graphic stains.

Ornamental Flora

Here, plants stand out against dark backgrounds. Finely drawn, in white or color, with outlines sometimes so precise they recall meticulous lacework, they fully embrace their ornamental side. Floral motifs give way to foliage and branches that form winter bouquets, with pale, stylized stems that look as if they’ve been stamped.

Organic Logic

Undulating matter, from liquid to mineral, inspires patterns with an organic logic.

Interpretations of bark are stylized with neutral shades and graphic treatments, recalling birch, eucalyptus and even animal prints.

Abstract motifs evoke geological strata or ink stains, while crumpled, acoustic materials suggest rippling water.

Discover other Design decodings here, with Solar vision, Technical sensitivity, and Pictorial influences.

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