AW 24-25 Designs: Solar Vision

At Première Vision, solar power casts its rays as the ruling theme for the AW 24-25 season. The star’s influence is omnipresent, particularly in the season’s color palette and patterns.

Radiant Gradients

Gradient effects play a starring role across collections, invigorating classic designs with a bright blur. Shapes and colors blend together, evoking the altered perceptions of a glare effect, while stripes undulate and fade out, as if rendered in watercolor. Lively checks play out in multiple variations, in bold, dissonant hues, and Tachist-style abstractions appear to dance, like spots of light imprinted on the retina.

Drawing with Light

A theme based on the origins of photography, the word coming from phôtós and graphô, ancient Greek for ‘writing with light.’ Patterns of flowers and leaves revealed through varying exposure evoke cyanotypes or negatives. Long exposure times capture a mysterious, delicate flora that seemingly emerges from the darkness.

Discover other Design decodings here, with Natural symbiosis, Technical sensitivity, and Pictorial influences.

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