AW 24-25 Designs: Pictural Influences

Natural motifs are revisited with a pictorial treatment, alluding to iconic subjects from art history, from still lifes to landscapes. 
Designs are evocative, figurative and generous, offering a renewed sense of wonder at biodiversity which, once mighty and formidable, is now fragile and endangered.

Ornamental wildlife

A controlled, magnified fauna in a lush, serene universe draws the eye. 
Juxtaposed with a mix of floral and decorative elements, it is interpreted in different graphic styles, from minimalist to highly ornamental. Repeat motifs in shimmering colors create a sense of timeless harmony.

Minimalist nature

Nature is ultra-stylized, evoking the experiments of 20th-century modern art. 
The flora is schematized, simplified to the extreme, using XXL collage effects reminiscent of the naive compositions of a child. 
Landscapes, an iconic genre in painting, are reworked with great freedom in flat pastel hues.

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