AW 24-25 Accessories: Astral Heat

At Première Vision, the sun, with its boundless vital energy, spreads its rays across the AW 24-25 collections as the season’s ruling symbol. 
It inspires a range of vibrant colors, whose warmth, from an antique glow to a contemporary orange, seems to traverse eras.

Bright Orange

Pops of bright orange, a bold signage hue for textile, plastic and metal accessories, play out across the collections. Perfect for monochrome pieces, with variations in shine and texture, from warm and cold, or matte and shiny, to smooth and rough, plains and openwork designs. 
For contemporary, minimalist urban collections for men and women.

Urban Sunshine

Warm hues blend in a vintage spirit, with combinations of earthy tones with yellows and oranges injecting a quirky, retro vibe in collections. This time, the sun is represented in a more naive, schematized way, for playful accents.
Textured, functional accessories adorn men’s silhouettes with a luxury hiking vibe.

Antique Sheen

Here, the glow of the sun has seemingly passed through the corridors of time. A soft glow seeps through opaque, frosted materials. Mixed golds flush from bronze to amber. Irregularities in materials bring nuance to the colors, with rough, striated or hammered effects. 
To add light and sophistication to women’s city collections.

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