AW 24-25 Accessories: Naturalness

Mother nature continues to inspire, as an endless source of inspiration for design. This season, the forests, our allies in the fight against global warming, stimulate our imagination and enchant us with their durability and resilience. Bark, roots and branches serve as comforting decorative elements. 

The quest for naturalness is also reflected in developments with a raw edge that highlight the purity of unprocessed matter.

Winter Ecrus

A cottony-white mood blankets the winter collections, also surfacing on textile components and labels, combined with beiges and ecrus. 
Materials are raw, with cottons and wools embracing their fibrous quality. Textures are dry and irregular, with textile structures on full display. 
A soothing neutrality, for pieces that fulfill their role with discreet, effortless appeal.
To use in contrast with thick, smooth fabrics, in urban men’s collections.

Plant Imprints

Collections with a rustic, original look inspired by vein patterns and woody textures.
Raw wood intermixes with trompe l’œil bark to graphic effect, playing out in a variety of materials. Resins and jacquards adopt leaf vein motifs, while embossed metals and papers seemingly carry imprints of the forest. 
To reinforce the natural vibe of urban pieces in neutral colors.


The hidden part of the plant world, roots captivate with their intricate webs informing organic patterns perfect for knit textile accessories, jacquard, lace and embroidery. 
For adding a rustic, sophisticated touch to women’s collections.

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